• Decapitated girl in Moscow babysitter drugged

  • A citizen of Uzbekistan Gulchekhra Bobokulov that killed four-year-old girl in Moscow, is in a state of drug-induced sleep and can't be delivered at the hearing. About it TASS told in the press service of the Khoroshevsky court.

    "As the head of the hospital, fku SIZO-2, Bobokulov can't be transported to court in connection with the finding in a drug-induced sleep after taking the prescribed drugs," noted a press-the court Secretary Olga Lazareva.

    "Interfax" reports that in this regard, the meeting was moved. Tuesday, November 1, was expected to continue consideration of the criminal case against Babakulova essentially.

    29 February of this year in the apartment house on the street people's militia after a fire was found the body of four-year old girl with signs of violent death. According to investigators, the babysitter Gulchekhra Bobokulov, waited until parents with an older child leave the apartment, kill the girl, set fire to the apartment and left. She was detained on the same day at metro station "October Field." According to witnesses, she screamed, "Allah Akbar!" and threatened to organize a suicide bombing. In her hands was the baby's head. Examination showed that the woman suffers from a chronic mental disorder. It is expected that the Prosecutor in the course of the proceedings will ask the application of compulsory measures of a medical nature, that is, about sending in a psychiatric hospital.

    A criminal case on articles about the murder of a minor, deliberate destruction of another's property by arson and deliberately false report about the explosion.


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