• New Zealand spiders have covered a field of giant cobwebs

  • Field near new Zealand's Bay of plenty was covered with a 30-metre web. This publication reports the National Geographic Australia.

    Web was found by the locals who came to the field with children for sports. "We thought that it was unlikely it would be spiders, — says one of them. But when I went on and legs became bogged down in the web, we noticed a small black thing".

    Australian arachnologist Cor Vink (Vink Cor) explained that the mass migration of spiders caused the storms that raged in New Zealand last week and the ensuing flood.

    To move to a new place, small spiders release the threads of the web and rise into the air with gusts of wind. In the past a similar phenomenon was observed in Pakistan and Australia.

    6 April reported, in the Australian state of Victoria a man lost his right leg after a spider bite. The victim may also lose the left leg and both arms.


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