• The Norwegian singer was threatened with murder because of a clip with a black actor

  • Norwegian singer Sophie Elise said that she received death threats after she posted a video, which starred a black actor. About it reports The Independent.

    "On the court in 2017, but I guess we are not far in the fight against racism," said 22-year-old actress.

    According to Elise, she feared to leave home, and parents are seriously worried for her life.

    The video for the song All Your Friends was posted on YouTube on 6 August. Soon in the comments to the video there are a lot of racist, sexist remarks, insults and threats against the singer. Now all the comments to publish is disabled.

    "In fact, I didn't want to delete anything, because people need to see what things are happening in our world," said Elise.

    Sophie Elise has gained notoriety in 16 years as a blogger and member of the TV show. 2014 is a music major.


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