• Nestle has lost a court on recognition of a trademark the shape of the KitKat chocolate

  • The court of appeal refused to satisfy the claim of the Swiss company Nestle, demanding to recognise the shape of KitKat chocolate bars sold in the UK, the basis for registration of certain trademarks. Earlier, a similar verdicts rendered, the High court of England and Wales and the European court. On Wednesday, may 17, reports the Guardian.

    Chocolate bar KitKat wafer fillings, as you know, the classic version consists of four narrow bars. Nestle company produces the product is already more than 80 years. In particular, the English market chocolates distinctive shape appeared in 1935.

    Turning to the court, lawyers for the Swiss company was trying to prove that the consumers of this form of chocolate bars became associated with consumers almost exclusively brand KitKat. More toggo it's protected trademark in Germany, France, Australia, South Africa, Canada and several other countries.

    The press service of Nestle said that the company is disappointed with the decision of the court of appeal.

    Nestle S. A. is the largest producer of food and beverages. The company also produces pet food, pharmaceutical products and cosmetics. The company owns more than 460 factories worldwide.


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