• German hairdresser began massaging clients living Python

  • Barber Haar Mode Team in the German city of Dresden invited visitors massage neck live Python. About it reports UPI.

    The owner of Haar Mode Team Frank Dolen (Frank Doehlen) argues that learned about this method of massage during a trip to South Africa. Back in Germany, he decided to employ your pet is a 13-year-old Royal Python named Monty.

    Monty length exceeds the meter, and the weight is 2.4 kg. According to Dolena, Python's body 90 percent of the muscles that make these reptiles ideal therapists.

    The service is available by appointment. "At the Barber for a terrarium no place — Dolen explains. — I always bring Monty with me at the request of the customers." In recent times it has to do at least twice a week. The cost of a 30-minute session is 35 Euro.

    In February reported, Palestinian Barber from Gaza makes the hair with the use of fire. It handles the clients hair flammable powder or liquid, ignites and puts.


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