• Unknown suggested to rent a car for trips outside tabs drug

  • Unknown launched advertising in Instagram, on behalf of careregular service BelkaCar invited users to take a car rental to travel with bookmarks with drugs. This drew the attention of the author of the Telegram-channel Tvoya_mamka88.

    Users are shown two advertising publications: the first two young people are turning to on the phone the address of a bookmark in front of the car BelkaCar. The picture is accompanied by the signature "Summer adventures with the car-sharing BelkaCar" and a link that supposedly you can download the service application. In the second case, the pair with the machine accompanied by the signature "And go with friends on a bookmark".

    Representatives BelkaCar in an interview with "Tape.ru" said that have nothing to do with account and promotional publications. They also stressed that he had contacted the Facebook administration and asked to find out who can publish posts.

    In mid-July, netizens have drawn attention to the advertisement of the store of drugs in the Tor network, vsplyvshie before showing the videos on YouTube. Due to numerous complaints, the administration had YouTube delete the original video. However, in "Vkontakte" began to appear references to hidden copies of advertising, which translate users back to the video.

    At the end of June "Tape.ru" has published a large-scale investigation on drug trafficking in the Russian "dark" on the Internet and found that the market volume exceeds two billion rubles in a month. The administrator acting in the Tor network, illegal sites Russian Anonymous Marketplace (RAMP) said that in 2016 online drug dealers bought and sold psychoactive substances in the amount of 24 billion rubles.


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