• Terms of the catastrophic earthquake in New Zealand

  • An international team of geophysicists predicted that in the coming decades in New Zealand there will be a catastrophic earthquake. A study published in the journal Nature.

    To such conclusions experts have come to discover that the temperature and pressure in the Alpine fault is much higher than previously expected. On average, every kilometer into the depths of the fault, the temperature rises to 125 degrees Celsius.

    These extreme values show that the area of the fault is the transport of matter from the bowels of the planet, which could trigger an earthquake of magnitude higher 8,0.

    The strongest earthquake associated with the Alpine fault, occurred in 1717, when the displacement of rocks has occurred on the stretch of about 400 kilometers.

    The Alpine fault runs the entire length of the South island of New Zealand. Geological formation represents a site where the dip of the Pacific tectonic plate beneath the Australian.


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