• Called destroys the belly fat oil

  • Doctors from the USA and Canada came to the conclusion that the regular consumption of human canadian canola oil helps to reduce excess amounts of fat in the abdominal area. This told the researchers at the annual scientific conference of the obesity Society Wednesday, November 2 reports edition EurekAlert!.

    Observations have shown that four weeks consumption of canola weight visceral fat for each participant in the study fell on average to 0.11 kilograms. Experts noted that vegetable oil is effective for reducing the volume in the abdominal area and not other parts of the body.

    The participants of the experiment, the scientists suggested, along with fruit smoothies five different blends of vegetable oils. Each of them contained one hundred grams of orange sorbet, skim milk and frozen strawberries and 30 grams of butter. The number of cocktails was calculated based on daily energy needs, which oil provided 18 percent.

    All the participants had abdominal obesity (increased waist circumference) or suffered from metabolic syndrome — a group of diseases that includes, for example, obesity, diabetes type II and high blood pressure.

    Scientists propose to include canola in your daily diet, in particular, to smoothies, cakes and salad dressings. Canola is made from rapeseed oil with the addition of oils of turnip and cabbage.

    Visceral fat in humans accumulates in the omentum and around the organs located in the abdominal cavity. The greatest inflicts harm not subcutaneous, and this kind of fat deposits.


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