• Named the most popular among Russians direction for travel with the kids for the summer

  • The most popular among Russian tourists the direction of travel with kids for the coming summer was the route Moscow — Simferopol. Such information is contained in a press release. Kupibilet.ru received "Tape.ru" on Friday, April 21.

    Experts of the company found out, after analyzing data on early booking tickets for June-August 2017. Flights Moscow — Simferopol accounted for over 30 percent of all ordered Kupibilet.ru travel documents for the summer. The average ticket price per person there and back amounted to 7.7 thousand rubles.

    On the second place on popularity — flights to this city from St. Petersburg. This route was booked 16.5% of tickets. The fare for the journey is approximately 9.2 thousand rubles.

    The direction Moscow — Sochi closes the top three (15.9 percent of the tickets, the cost of 5,2 thousand roubles). Fourth place went to Tivat in Montenegro. The flight from Moscow and back will cost about 12 thousand rubles.

    Fifth place was shared by the visits from the capital of Russia in Chisinau, Moldova (3.9 thousand rubles) and Greek Thessaloniki (8.3 thousand). In the top-9 in descending order were included flights from Moscow to Antalya, Anapa, route Petersburg — Sochi and the journey from the Russian capital in Athens.

    In early April, the Association of tour operators of Russia reported that the growing demand of travelers on holiday with the kids last winter exceeded 100 percent.


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