• Called the social network with the most annoying advertising

  • Users of social networks have recognized the advertising in Facebook, the most annoying, according to research by BI Intelligence. Referred to by Business Insider.

    According to the study, 45 percent of respondents admitted advertising the posts in Facebook is maximally Intrusive. Another 43 percent chose as the most annoying YouTube platform.

    The experts interviewed 1740 users. It turned out that Twitter is annoying, only six percent of respondents, Instagram and Snapchat — three percent of LinkedIn — one percent of survey participants.

    The researchers suggested that such a strong separation of the two platforms may be due to the fact that the Internet audience spends in Facebook and YouTube much more time than in other social networks. Because of this, the users see there is at times more often.

    While sponsored content on YouTube more unnerving the young respondents, while advertising on Facebook does not like mostly representatives of the older generation. The publication notes that this may be due to the fact that growing up on TV, people are more tolerant of movies, a terminating program.

    In February the network appeared extension for browsers Go Rando, not allowing Facebook to recognize the reaction of the user under the posts in the news feed. The creators of the tool is suggested not to give social networks the information about the reactions, which she uses to improve news feeds and ad targeting.


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