• The cause of extinction of giant animals of Australia

  • People settled in the arid regions of Australia for 10 thousand years earlier than believed, scientists, and caused the extinction of some species of large animals. At this point new data was received by the group of Australian archaeologists. The results presented in the article, published in the journal Nature.

    The Australian continent was colonized about 50 thousand years ago people arrived in boats from Southeast Asia, through Papua New Guinea. It was believed that the early aborigines prefer to live in coastal areas and avoid deserted area for about 10 thousand years. However, the results of the excavations of the ancient settlement, called Warratyi Rock Shelter and dated the Pleistocene, showed that people lived in these regions for 49 thousand years ago.

    The study helped to find out some details about the way of life of aboriginal people. According to scientists, the people who inhabited Warratyi, creating technological devices that are characteristic of later cultures. This is evidenced by the discovered bone tools, tools with handles, as well as artifacts with traces of applied red ochre and other pigments.

    Scientists believe that the hunting activities of aboriginal people who have mastered the arid region of Australia, led to the extinction of representatives of the large fauna of Australia, as diprotodon and giant flightless birds Genyornis newtoni. This point was found near the tools bones of animals.


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