• Called the danger of using the gadgets before you sleep

  • Children who use smartphones and tablets before going to bed, two times more likely to suffer from sleep disorders than children who do not have access to the gadgets. It is found by researchers from king's College London. Briefly about the work of the newspaper reports EurekAlert!

    The researchers analyzed the results of 20 studies in which in total participated, 125 thousand children aged 6-19 years. It is established that the use of smartphones and other devices before bedtime is a risk of a lack of sleep and excessive daytime sleepiness. However, even the presence of a gadget in the bedroom can affect sleep quality. This is because children are always ready to respond to messages and expect that someone will write.

    Sleep disorders in children have an adverse impact on health, contributes to appetite disorders, obesity, reduced activity of the immune system and stunted growth, but also related to psychological disorders.

    According to the researchers, the growing popularity of gadgets will lead to a further deterioration of sleep in children. To solve this problem by reducing children's access to smartphones and encourage correct behavior before bedtime.


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