• Named the main danger of the USB ports

  • USB connectors were the cause of the leak. This was stated by scientists of the University of Adelaide in Australia, reports EurekAlert!.

    "It was believed that since the information is sent directly to a computer, it is protected from being compromised. However, our study shows that if a malicious or compromised device is connected to the nearby port or to the same USB hub, then this information can be intercepted," — said the study's lead author rabid Yuval (Yuval Yarom).

    Yar notes that USB is used to connect keyboards and other input sources, so this vulnerability can be exploited to steal passwords and other sensitive information. About this danger, scientists said the University student, who used a modified USB lamp, which passed the information on the neighboring the computer.

    Experts have tested 50 different built-in and external USB hubs and found that more than 90 percent is exposed to similar vulnerabilities.


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