• Named the main danger of regular consumption of sugary drinks

  • American scientists have shown that regular consumption of sweetened beverages (e.g., soda) leads to a reduction in volume of the brain (especially hippocampus) and poor memory. Relevant studies published in the journals Alzheimer's &Dementia and Stroke, and briefly about them reports EurekAlert!

    The scientists also found that daily consumption of diet soda (it contains sugar) is associated with a threefold increase in the risk of stroke and dementia, in comparison with a diet which does not assume the use of carbonated beverages.

    To such conclusions experts came after analysis of studies on the health effects of drinking sugar-containing drinks.

    Data synthesis three groups of participants who passed the magnetic resonance examination. The first set of people consisted of about four thousand participants over the age of 30, the second — about three thousand people older than 45 years and the third about 1.5 thousand of participants over 60 years old.

    "Our results suggest a link between high consumption of sugar-containing beverages and atrophy of the brain, including reduced brain volume and memory impairment," said co-author works neurologist Matthew Pass from Boston University (USA).


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