• Named a way to significantly reduce the risk of early death

  • Scientists from the University of Glasgow (UK) spoke about the benefits of Cycling for health. A study published in the British Medical Journal, and briefly about it reports The Telegraph.

    Daily trips by Bicycle, for example, from home to work and back, reduce the risk of early death by 40 percent, the likelihood of developing cancer is 45 percent, and twice the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

    To such conclusions scientists have come in the last five years of monitoring the health status of more than 250 million British middle-age.

    During this time died 37 cyclists, but that number could grow to 63, if other people only use cars or public transport. These results are equally true for men and women.

    Experts say that walking is also beneficial to health, although not as much as Cycling. Scientists urge people to pay more attention to physical activity.


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