• Named the size of future pension Seagal in Russia

  • American actor Steven Seagal, who received Russian citizenship, will be able to qualify for a social pension in five thousand roubles in 2017. On Thursday, November 3, reports TASS with reference to the representative of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR).

    A spokesman said that Seagal can get this money only if he will have a Russian residence permit.

    "This minimum salary, about five thousand roubles to the pension he will be made to Supplement the subsistence minimum of a pensioner in the region where it is registered", — he noted and added that FIU will check whether the right to receive Segal insurance old-age pension.

    "Let's see if he had any contributions, and does he have seven years of experience in Russia in order to appoint insurance old-age pension", he said.

    The President Of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the decree about the reception of American actor Russian citizenship on 3 November. Steven Seagal noted, extremely pleased with this circumstance.

    Press Secretary of Russian leader Dmitry Peskov told, what Segal long and persistently asked to grant him citizenship. At the same time, a Kremlin spokesman admitted that he did not know exactly what the actor explained this request.

    Seagal is known for his roles in action movies. On account of his nearly 50 films, including "neither alive Nor dead", "maximum depth", "Today you die" and "Machete".


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