• Called the real ancestor of the hobbits

  • Scientists from the Australian national University found that Florensky hobbits (Homo floresiensis) are descended from a common with the Homo habilis (Homo habilis) ancestor, not from Homo erectus, as was supposed earlier. About it reported on the website EurekAlert!.

    The researchers analyzed the morphological characteristics of the skull, jaws, teeth, arms, legs and shoulders. It turned out that the hobbits were more primitive than Homo erectus (Homo erectus), which is considered the direct ancestor of modern humans. Thus Florensky people, probably relatives of Homo habilis, who lived over two million years ago.

    Scientists believe that Homo floresiensis could first appear in Africa and then migrate to Indonesia. It is also possible that with habilitada their common ancestor left Africa, after which he gave the beginning of the line of the hobbits.

    The remains of Homo floresiensis were first discovered in 2003 in Indonesia on the island of Flores. Their age reached 13-95 thousands of years. Growth Florensky people reached approximately one meter, and the volume of the brain in three times less than the volume of the brain of modern man. It is assumed that they appeared about 1.75 million years ago. Hobbits these ancient people were named for their resemblance to fictional people from the novel by John Tolkien's "the Lord of the Rings".


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