• NASA has revealed three-dimensional pan

  • NASA unveiled the three-dimensional "space loser", or pan — Saturn's characteristic shape. About it reported on the Agency's website.

    In the image the visible Northern and southern hemisphere pan, also known as Saturn XVIII. To watch a three-dimensional image, the Agency offers through blue and red filters.

    Pictures taken March 7 by the automatic station Cassini from a distance of more than 25 and 34 thousand kilometers from the satellite. Diameter of a celestial body is 26 kilometers.

    Cassini-Huygens mission is a joint project of NASA and the European space Agency. The main objective is to study Saturn, its rings and Titan, the largest satellite of the planet.

    To do this, on 15 October 1997 from Cape Canaveral in Florida was launched unmanned spacecraft. July 1, 2004 it entered the orbit of Saturn. December 25, 2004 from the satellite separated probe Huygens, 14 January 2005 landed on Titan's surface.


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