• NASA showed images of runaway stars

  • An international team of astronomers found three runaway stars. A study sent for publication to the Astrophysical Journal Letters, pictures of the stars available on the NASA website.

    Three stars of about 540 years ago was located near the center of the Orion nebula at a distance of 1.3 thousand light years from Earth. Lights were ejected by the gravitational forces of the star clusters.

    Two stars moving at abnormally high speeds (about 30 times higher than the usual for the stars of speed) in opposite directions, was discovered in the last century.

    Scientists have found the third star, which allowed to explain the observed motion of the two stars. To do this, astronomers used a computer simulation (it is possible to trace the source from which the lights began to scatter), as well as data obtained with the Hubble space telescope.

    The researchers plan to continue observations of runaway stars in the Orion nebula using a telescope Webb. Astronomers hope to discover new stars, moving at abnormally high speeds.


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