• Found the most favorable for life exoplanet

  • An international team of astrophysicists has discovered an exoplanet LHS 1140b belonging to the class supertall. It is located in the habitable zone of its star — the region where celestial bodies is possible the existence of liquid water. According to scientists, this astronomical object is the most suitable candidate for the title of a habitable planet. About it reported on the website EurekAlert!.

    Exoplanet revolves around a red dwarf LHS 1140, which emits high-energy radiation is less than other similar stars. This emission, characteristic of young stars, can be damaging to the atmospheres of celestial bodies. However, the large size (1.4 times larger than Earth) planet says that over millions of years on its surface could exist a magma ocean, which fed the gas shell is water vapor. This state was maintained as long as the star is not turned into a more calm state.

    The age of the planet, according to estimates by astrophysicists, is five billion years old. Its mass exceeds the mass of the Earth seven times, which means that LHS 1140b is very dense astronomical object, which consists of rock and iron core. Year on it lasts about 25 days.

    Scientists believe that the discovered exoplanet more likely habitable than Proxima b or planet system TRAPPIST-1. However, future research should help to determine with high precision how much of the radiation from a red dwarf falls to the surface 1140b LHS.


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