• Found a way to see a naked singularity

  • Scientists from the Tata Institute of fundamental research in India has found a way to detect a naked singularity. It is the object of infinite density, which is not closed from the outside observer the event horizon of a black hole. About it reported on the website Phys.org.

    A singularity is formed when a substance of a very massive star begins to shrink because of the powerful gravitational attraction. This happens during a supernova, which produces a black hole. Because no known force in the Universe can not stop the compression, in the end, there is an area of space where the gravitational attraction becomes infinitely high. According to the theory of relativity, singularities are found inside black holes.

    Under certain conditions, the event horizon may disappear (for example, if the black hole is massive and fast rotating), so the singularity is available for observation. In this case it is called bare.

    Scientists believe that a naked singularity can be seen in the effect it has on the environment. So, any rotating around its axis an object such as a gyroscope, getting into the field of influence of the black hole, begins to describe a circumference around of this exotic object. The axis of rotation begins to waver (precessional). The closer to the event horizon is a gyro, the stronger the precession. However, if the event horizon is not, then the oscillation frequency does not change much.

    According to the researchers, to distinguish a black hole from a naked singularity is possible, by observing the matter falling on the exotic object. The frequency of precession is thus possible to determine the wavelengths of the emitted x-ray radiation.


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