• Found an easy way to slow aging

  • Scientists from the University of California, USA, found that low-calorie diet contributes to the maintenance of the biological clock at a later age and prevents aging. Article researchers published in the journal Cell. Press release available on the website EurekAlert!

    In the experiments, the experts used 6-month and 18-month-old mice in which they took tissue samples of the liver. It turned out that the mechanism that is responsible for deactivation and activation are involved in the digestion of genes depending on the time of day, there was a marked change with age.

    However, the group of rodents a diet were 30 percent less calories in a period of six months, the biological clock "rejuvenated". According to scientists, this slowed the process of physiological aging. A similar mechanism likely exists in humans.

    In February 2017 in the journal Nature Communications has published an article which reported the discovery of 25 genes associated with circadian rhythms, however, their activity is increased in adulthood. The reason for this the scientists saw in their protective functions, manifested in slowing down the aging process.


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