• On Mars took a rare atmospheric phenomenon

  • Mars Rover Curiosity took a rare atmospheric phenomenon on the red planet — Cirrus clouds. In total, he made 16 pictures. It is reported by Gizmodo.

    Cirrus clouds are composed of crystals of water ice that formed in the cold layers of the atmosphere as a result of condensation of water molecules on dust grains — small particles of matter suspended in a gas shell. At the Rover it was not possible to set the height of the clouds, but on Earth they are produced in 6 to 12 kilometers above the surface.

    Currently, such atmospheric formations are formed on Mars in very small quantities. However, several billion years ago, the climate on the red planet was warm enough on the surface were a large amount of liquid water. According to researchers from the Institute Carl Sagan on Mars existed the conditions under which Cirrus clouds "lived" in 4-5 times longer than on Earth.


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