• At the entrance to the Crimea from Ukraine formed long queues

  • On the border of the Kherson region with the Crimea with the Ukrainian side on Monday, July 17, accumulated cars, the waiting time is over 10 hours. About it TASS reported in the Crimean Border guard service of Russia.

    The people in the cars, he said, are in line from 10 to 13 hours, the Ukrainian side does not explain reasons for delays.

    "Visually the highest number of vehicles observed at the checkpoint "Chongar" from the Ukrainian side. This is the boundary of Genichesk district, Kherson and Dzhankoy district of the Crimea, there are more than 70 cars. It's mostly tourists who go to the Crimea", — said the Agency interlocutor.

    The Border guard was assured that the Crimean side of the problems in the technique as the walking direction and no car. "Why are they not allowed in the Crimea tourists, we don't know," said the officer.

    Over the weekend, according to Russian border guards, the Ukrainian border with Crimea in the three existing crossing points "Armyansk", "Perekop" and "Chongar" was crossed by about 24 thousand people.

    With the beginning of the summer season at the Ukrainian-Russian border was marked by large accumulations of passenger cars of residents of Ukraine EN route to the Crimea on vacation. The authorities of the region, the number of inhabitants of Ukraine is more than 700 thousand people in total six million tourist stream.

    Earlier in July, head of Federal tourism Agency Oleg Safonov, invited the Ukrainians to spend a summer vacation in the Crimea. "Ukrainian tourists go. We hope that their number will be greater. According to statistics, usually their number increases in July and August. We expect and welcome" — he said, assuring that the rest of the Peninsula, the cost to the travellers cheaper than in Turkey.

    In August 2016, Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea Ruslan Balbec said, on the Peninsula rested about 550 thousand citizens of Ukraine. It is 100 thousand tourists from the neighboring country more than for all of 2015.

    Crimea became part of Russia after the referendum in March 2014. Ukraine still considers Crimea as its temporarily occupied territory. To enter the Crimea through the checkpoint on the border with Ukraine, her citizens, it is sufficient to present a national passport or a foreign passport. You must also fill in the migration card on the way back you need to show to the border guard. The period of stay on the Peninsula should not exceed three months.


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