• In Ukraine, spoke about robbing farmers veterans of the ATO

  • In Ukraine, former participants of military operations in Kiev Donbass that take away farmers harvest or protect farmers from attacks by other veterans. About this on their page Facebook wrote participated in the ATO (anti-terrorist operation in Kiev called the fighting in the Donbass) Evgeniy Turchak.

    "Phoned today 42 of their comrade. Collecting info about who of them the right apartment. In the end, 20 of them in civilization, and in the fields by farmers. This is a new form of income for the "volunteers" — to solve problems for farmers, and they are well paid," he said.

    According to Turchak, former members of the "beat or hold the field, and instead take the harvest half, which is about 200-400 thousand dollars." In addition, some veterans organize for the owners of the fields staged the raids.
    "Split into two groups, one comes to the farmer and creates problems. Immediately there is a second group, and solves them for a fee


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