• At a meeting with Putin to discuss the new state armaments program

  • The President of Russia Vladimir Putin in Sochi will hold a meeting on the preparation of a new State armaments programme for the period 2018-2025 years (LG-20215). Reports TASS, reported the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

    The discussion will be attended by the heads of the defense Ministry and defense industry enterprises.

    Earlier, on may 16, Putin launched in Sochi next series of meetings on defense issues. Such large-scale sessions, usually lasting about a week, and since 2013 is held annually. They are attended by the senior military leadership of the country and representatives of the military-industrial complex. The meetings are analyzed in detail key issues of military construction and defense industries, as well as checked and approved by the strategic decisions on their further development.

    In March 2017 it was reported, what is the basis of the new GPV-2025 will be the development and procurement of smart weapons systems. Among the priorities — means air-space defense, strategic nuclear forces, communications, intelligence and control, electronic warfare, drones, robotic systems, transport aircraft and means of individual protection of servicemen. Also, much attention is paid to the development of precision weapons and means of combating it.

    The amount of funds on the LG-2025 the fourth year is subject to a fierce interinstitutional debate. Initially, the military claimed that they had 55 trillion rubles, but in view of the measures taken for saving and harmonizing they have managed to reduce the budget to 30 trillion. But in February 2015, a source in the Military-industrial Commission said that the country's leadership sees no point in financing GPV-2025 at a level higher than 70 per cent of the current GPV-2020. Thus was set the expenditure ceiling at 14 trillion rubles.

    In September 2016, "Kommersant" wrote about the new round of conflict between the defense Ministry and the Finance Ministry on the meeting with the President. According to the publication, the defense Ministry defended the funding in 22 trillion rubles, and financial insisted on 12 trillion.


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