• Yamal vystavili artifacts from the construction of the "dead road"

  • In Salekhard, the exposition dedicated to the 70th anniversary since the beginning of the construction of Stalin's "dead road". Maps and artifacts of railway construction exhibited for the first time, reports TASS.

    The exhibition shows the chronology of the research, introduces closer with its members and the fruits of their labors, which, like the road itself, have become part of the story, said the organizer of the exhibition, Natalia Marakova.

    "The story of the construction of Transpolar railway written for work, but still little is said about those who through many hikes and expeditions to the ruins of the "dead road" and the remains of the camps, of those who this story was created", — reported in the Museum named after Shemanovsky.

    Many photos Transport route from expeditions of different years exhibited for the first time. Detailed map of technogeneous objects and of the camp constructions Construction No. 501, compiled with the help of GPS. The participants provided exposure "Along the "Dead road" various things and artifacts. The exhibition will run until 7 July.

    The secret railway, "Chum — Salekhard — Igarka" was built in the permafrost almost without the project. For the work involved prisoners of the Gulag. By the time of Stalin's death in 1953 was built 700 kilometers of the planned 1300. Over the years, "Construction №501" according to various estimates killed up to 100 thousand people. In 1953, the project was stopped.

    In the second half of the twentieth century on a site "North of BAM" has been found deposits of gas. There were various projects to rehabilitate highways. In 2016, the representatives of the YANAO has signed with Russian Railways, the agreement on the construction of the Northern Latitudinal railway along the Arctic circle, with a length of 707 km. Thanks to him, the Yamal will connect with the Urals and North West Russia. The estimated cost of the project is 240 billion rubles.


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