• The chief doctor of the ambulance station in Voskresensk assassinated

  • Suburban police are investigating the circumstances of the assassination of the chief physician of ambulance station in the Moscow suburb of Voskresensk. On Thursday, November 24, said "the Tape.ru" a source in law enforcement bodies.

    According to him, on Thursday at about 07:30 GMT at the doctor that came home from work, was attacked by the unknown. He stabbed him in the back and fled the scene. According to preliminary data, nothing was not stolen.

    The victim taken to the intensive care unit, he has a damaged kidney. The condition of the wounded doctors estimate as heavy.

    The source said that according to preliminary data, the incident is not connected with the professional activities of the victim, and is the result of a personal conflict. The circumstances of the crime specified — wounded can't testify.

    Solves a question on excitation of criminal case under article about causing of heavy harm to health.

    Earlier in the day reported that unknown beat the Colonel of police after a minor accident on Botanical street in Moscow. As a result of accident nobody suffered. Police refused to call the police.


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