• On Enceladus may be bioluminescent bears

  • NASA astrobiologist Rocco Menichelli (Rocco Manicelli) announced the possible existence of a subsurface ocean of Enceladus bioluminescent organisms. This Manicelli said in an interview with Gizmodo.

    The expert believes that on Enceladus can live tardigrades, which is also called the "little water bears". They have high survivability and is able to exist in the hot springs, and under the ice. The energy from hydrothermal vents of the moon, according to Menichelli, converted to glow.

    "It is quite possible... We know that organisms that live in the eyes of some deep sea fish are bioluminescent and capable of emitting light, — said the expert. — "Water bears," are adorable. It is not beyond possibilities".

    Interplanetary station Cassini found, that water jets discharged from the interior of Enceladus contained up to 1.4 percent molecular hydrogen and to 0.8 percent carbon dioxide. These connections are critical for the biosynthesis of methane by microorganisms and show that in the subsurface ocean of Saturn's present hydrothermal vents. Near them chemical reactions occur between mineral rocks and organic matter.

    Enceladus the sixth largest moon of Saturn. Around the planet the moon goes 32.9 hours. The radius of Enceladus is about 25, and the mass is 200 thousand times smaller than Earth.


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