• On the birthday of nine-year-old American nobody came

  • A resident of Oregon, who turned nine years old, celebrated his birthday all alone. None of the invited guests came to the party Malone, according to ABC.

    According to the child's mother Kristen lane (Kristen Layne), a boy sent seven invitations, but no one has confirmed their presence. Guests at the birthday of her daughter, which took place in October, also sent a reply, but attended the event, so the woman did not cancel the party and of the son.

    Lane noted that their family moved to a new town, and Malone homeschooled. Due to the holiday, he wanted to make friends and myself decorate the house. "He counted the days until his birthday and party," said the American. The woman also in its blog asked parents continue to respond to invitations. "It's okay if you can't come, but warn about it," she said.

    Knowing about ruining the celebration of the local fire Department gave Malone an individual tour.

    In December 2015 reported, social news site Reddit asked their users to send greeting cards 10-year-old student Aaron Anderson (Aron Anderson) living in one of the British Isles Out Skerries. The boy has no classmates, no friends.


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