• The IMF predicted growth of Russia's GDP by 1.5 percent per year

  • The growth of Russia's GDP in the medium term exceed 1.5 percent per year. On Wednesday, November 2, said the head of the permanent mission of the International monetary Fund (IMF) in Russia, Gabriel Di Bella, reports Rambler News Service.

    "Our consistent forecast of stabilization [of Russian economy] in the second half of 2016. We expect to return to growth in the one percent in 2017," said Di Bella.

    He is confident that the annual increase in GDP of 1.5 percent change in budget expenditures should not be correlated with oil prices. It is important to continuously improve the investment climate in the country, to save the expenditure on health and education with the aim of developing human capital and infrastructure, said the representative of the Fund.

    In his Di Bella, to enhance competition in the market useful the privatization of state enterprises. "Now the privatization process is complicated due to the relatively low and volatile oil prices, so if you privatiziruete oil companies, these factors need to be taken into consideration," he added.

    1 November at the Institute of world economy and international relations said, Russia's economy stood at the level of 2015. According to the forecast, GDP growth will oscillate at the minimum values, and the standard of living will decline.

    A day earlier, the Ministry of economic development provided that in September, the decline of the Russian economy resumed in annual terms, GDP fell by 0.7 per cent.

    28 October on the website of the state Duma were placed the Budget forecast, which the Treasury will to stay scarce until 2034.


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