• The IMF told Russia about the correct expenditure budget

  • The international monetary Fund (IMF) believes the correct policy of the Ministry of Finance to consolidate the budget — planned deficit reduction, freezing of expenditure. However, the organization recommends that there should be a strict consolidation which would prevent economic growth. On Wednesday, November 2, said the IMF representative in Russia, Gabriel Di Bella, reports Rambler News Service.

    "The budget was adapted to the oil prices. It is now important to focus on balancing ongoing consolidation. The consolidation should be carried out, but be based on principles that do not jeopardize the stabilization of the economy", — quotes Agency of his word.

    Di Bella also said that the Russian economy needs a fiscal rule, to an increase in oil prices, government spending does not increase uncontrollably.

    28 October on the website of the state Duma were placed the Budget forecast that the Treasury will be to stay deficit in 2034. On the basis of the document, in 2020 the deficit will be 1 percent of GDP. At the level of 0.7 per cent of GDP, he stabiliziruemost in the period from 2030 to 2034.


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