• A man snuck past security into the office of trump and took a selfie

  • The American snuck into the office of President of the United States Donald trump in a country residence Mar-a-Lago in palm beach (Florida) and made it self against the backdrop of a portrait of the Republican in his youth. On Sunday, March 19, the newspaper the New York Post.

    Joseph young (Joseph Young) posted a picture on his page in Instagram the evening of 18 March and supplied the caption: "Slipped through the Secret service to make it a selfie. They could warn us not to go there".

    Press Secretary of the security Department Katherine Milhoan told the newspaper that there was no break, called the approval of the Yang lies, and stressed that "no one could get past the Secret service".

    Later, young removed the publication, but she managed to break the Internet and cause among users of the debate about the quality of work of the US Secret service. Some criticized the guards, others tried to justify the fact that she had a "rough week".

    18 Mar it became known that a week earlier, agents of the U.S. Secret service for about a quarter of an hour could not get penetrated into the territory of the White house man. When the offender was arrested, it turned out that his name is Jonathan Tran and the official residence of the head of state he made his way without a specific purpose. He faces up to 10 years in prison.

    16 Mar media announced, as the two guarding the eight-year-old grandson of the trump agents of the American Secret service took a selfie with a child in the car, but he woke up and freaked out. About the incident, the boy told his mother, and she — her husband, Donald Trump Jr. He appealed to the leadership of the Secret service concerning security guards is being investigated.

    US secret service — the Federal Agency subordinated to the Ministry of internal security. She was created by President Abraham Lincoln in 1865. The main tasks of the Agency — preventing the forgery of money and valuable documents, the protection of the President and other senior officials.


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