• The Roerich Museum will move to the office of the Museum of the East

  • The arbitration court of Moscow has passed the decision on cancellation of the contract of uncompensated use of premises community centre-Museum named after Nicholas Roerich of the international centre of the Roerichs (ICR), said "the Tape.ru" the lawyer of the Museum of the East Yuri Izbicko.

    According to him, since the summer of 2014, he was unable to pay a rent for occupied by the Museum premises 7 and 4 buildings of the city Lopukhins ' estate in the Small Znamensky lane. The mayor's office went to meet the organization's and replaced the rental agreement in the contract on gratuitous use of the area. In 2015, the estate was transferred to the Federal property and later the Museum of the East to create there a Museum of the Roerichs. The agreement with IDC was limited to the conditions: the intended use of the property, the failure of the premises to third parties, keeping them in proper condition.

    These conditions, according to the lawyer was not done and as a result, in 2015, the Center was entrusted to the Museum of the East. Says Izbekov, the Museum administration tried to negotiate with the ICR on the joint use of the area, but they did not want to make contact.

    The lawyer noted that the international centre of the Roerichs was organized in the buildings of the Museum hotel and "fetus incomprehensible entity." As a result, the Museum of the East filed a lawsuit against the ICR and the court ruled in favor of the Museum.

    ICR is fully funded "Master-Bank", headed by its former owner Boris Baker. After the revocation of the Bank licence in 2013, the Museum has virtually lost a livelihood.

    Nicholas Roerich — Russian painter and philosopher-mystic. Together with his wife Elena, he created a religious-philosophical doctrine of "Living ethics" (Agni yoga), which in the 1980-ies were very popular in Russia and abroad.


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