• Murmansk shipping company has ended the year with a profit of 800 million rubles

  • Murmansk shipping company (MMP), the largest carrier in the Russian Arctic region for the first time in several years, finished the year with a profit, according to preliminary data amounted to 800 million rubles. About it reports TASS.

    "[This approx] is a good stepping stone for the implementation of the programme to renew the fleet," — said in MMP. 2015, the company suffered a net loss of 413 million roubles, despite growing traffic volumes. The final result is then influenced by negative corsavy loss in connection with a reduction in the value of the ruble.

    In this state, MMP existed for a few years. This is due to the General decline of the world market of freight transport. In 2015, their value fell by 95 percent and achieved a historic low, first noted in 2008.

    In 2016, the volume of traffic committed on the Northern sea route (NSR) in 2016 reached record level, having increased to 6.9 million tons. He goes through the seas of the Arctic ocean, leads from European Russia to the far East. SMP is used by large companies developing the Russian Arctic.


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