• Murmansk rescuers have found the Flag of Victory on the highest mountain in the Khibiny

  • Murmansk rescuers may 9, established the Banner of Victory on the highest point of the Khibiny — mount Judychvumchorr, the Agency reports Nord-news.ru.

    Representatives of the Murmansk Arctic complex rescue center (MAKOSZ) made a two-day climb to the altitude of 1200 metres. Their expedition they dedicated 72-th anniversary of victory in the great Patriotic war. It is noted that in this way they wanted to commemorate the fallen and remember the deeds of the living heroes of the war.

    Rescuers also took part in the festive events scheduled in Murmansk, Severomorsk, Vidyaevo, Zaozersk, Aleksandrovsk, Apatity and Umba.

    1 may Monchegorsk members of military-historical club "the polar frontier" carried the reconstruction of the battle of the great Patriotic war. On 9 may, the club together with the Marines of the Northern fleet in Safonovo the hydro-port vascozzo assault on the defensive positions of the Wehrmacht.


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