• Murmansk Muslims brought rude drivers of minibuses and gave them a pilaf

  • The Muslim community of Murmansk held educational discussions with drivers of minibuses, rudeness which in his numerous appeals to various authorities complained passengers. About it reports "Interfax" citing the Spiritual administration of Muslims (DUM) of Russia.

    It is noted that the majority of taxi drivers in the city — representatives of the Muslim peoples. The Islamic clergy has held talks with them on spiritual and moral themes. "The drivers were interviewed with calls to order on the roads and the responsibility, was quoted verses from the Koran and the hadiths of the prophet Muhammad, who left us the best example of morality," — said the Chairman of the Islamic community of Murmansk rail Bikineev.

    Also volunteers from members of the community ran a series of monitoring visits in minibuses, making comments on the rude behavior of drivers. Their "education" of drivers lasted a few months. After the event, the leadership of the Murmansk mosques monitored and concluded that there is a positive downward trend of manifestations of improper behavior among this group of citizens, said DOOM.

    At the end of the project, drivers were treated to pilaf.

    In February in Moscow blogger Islam Ismailov with like-minded people organized a "Stop state". The participants demanded from the Muslims of the capital not to smoke and not to drink alcohol in public places. The head of the Spiritual Council of Muslims of Russia and mufti of Moscow Albir Krganov called "Stop Haram" "is not entirely clear initiative", which can lead to conflicts if we begin to spread across regions.


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