• Murmansk kindergartners get raspberry fish oil before polar night

  • In Murmansk kindergartens in the month before the onset of polar night began to give pupils fish oil. In city hall said that it is necessary to strengthen the immune system of children reports RIA Novosti.

    "Murmansk preschoolers to polar night prepare in advance: from the beginning of November all of them three times a day, take a useful Supplement of fish oil capsules with flavors of lemon, raspberry, strawberry, orange and even kiwi", — told in the press service of the city administration.

    Children who do not have contraindications, get the "omega-3", with the consent of the parents. The first such measure was introduced five years ago. "This helps to strengthen children's immune system during the polar night and to cope with seasonal colds," — said the head physician of children's polyclinic №4 Natalia Tulibaeva.

    In addition to taking fish oil in the kindergartens to strengthen the immune system before the polar night pupils do gymnastics, go for walks and play outdoors.

    It is expected that the polar night will last at the latitude of Murmansk from 2 December to 11 January.


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