• Muscovite withdrew a horror game with shrieking horror of a vacuum cleaner

  • A resident of Moscow under the name pashansta shown in Instagram, as its "cleaner terrified the cracks". Young man walked at the head table, and when the vacuum ran across the slit, began a plaintive cry. Of Instagram a short video came on YouTube, where the day attracted about half a million hits.

    In comments to the video people call it domestic horror, feel "scared" vacuum cleaner and say that I can't stop laughing. However, some noticed that this movie was already on a popular American entertainment website Reddit, and the Russians just repeated it.


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    • 12:48 pm on Wednesday 26th April 2017  /  Интернет и СМИ
      The last white Rhino look for salvation in Tinder

      The last male representative of the Northern white rhinos called Sudan got a Tinder profile. "The fate of my species depends on me", — stated in the profile description. Sudan lives in the reserve "Ol Paget" in Kenya. According to his Tinder account, he likes to eat grass and wallow in the mud.

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      Blogger Varlamov threw cake and poured green paint in Stavropol

      Blogger Ilya Varlamov attacked at the airport of Stavropol. According to the journalist, he used to hit, threw a cake, poured brilliant green and iodine on the eyes of the police. In the attack involved about a dozen people. They were waiting for him at the exit of the airport. According to Varlamov, they shouted: "Get to America".

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      Young "weatherman" Mika impressed social emotional weather forecast

      Young citizen of Switzerland named Mika tried himself in the role of facilitator of the weather and conquered the social network users. In the video, which in three days has gained more than 240 thousand hits and two thousand likes, he very quickly and emotionally told about the rain in London, the sun in St. Gallen and eight degrees in Warsaw.

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      Created armor for spacecraft

      Scientists from the jet propulsion Laboratory in the US have developed a new material that resembles chainmail. One side of the cloth is capable of reflecting light, while the other is to absorb heat. It can be used to protect astronauts and spacecraft from cosmic radiation.

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      Syrian artist began the manufacture of Handicrafts made of shells and shrapnel mines

      Syrian kustar, Abu Ali, from Damascus suburb mastered the production of Handicrafts and Souvenirs using spent cartridges and shrapnel minutes In particular, he created a wall clock, the numbers on which are made of shells. According to the master, he wanted to show that his country every second and minute is the target.

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