• Moscow Prosecutor's office will examine the reports of the emission of hydrogen sulfide in Kapotnya

  • Moscow Prosecutor's office organized a check after reports about the deterioration of the ecological situation in Sochi. About it reports TV channel "Moscow 24".

    In this district of Moscow in the air on the night of 17 may was recorded a 50-fold increase in the norms of the content of hydrogen sulfide. Later, according to the stations "Mosekomonitoring" concentration decreased, but remained at a level almost three times the limit.1.*

    In this case the mobile station MES has not identified any environmental anomalies, and then in the office suggested about technical malfunction of the equipment "Mosekomonitoring". May 15, media reported about the emergency situation at the Moscow refinery in Kapotnya. Local residents complained of a sour smell and headaches.

    Previously "Mosekomonitoring" fixed the release of hydrogen sulfide in the same area in April. The maximum permissible concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the district of Kapotnya has been exceeded by almost 2.6 times. In the Moscow oil refinery said that the company exceeded emission of pollutants was not observed.


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