• Moskal told about the benefits of Hungarian passports to citizens of Ukraine

  • The Governor of the Transcarpathian region Gennady Moskal said that Hungarian citizenship gives residents the opportunity to freely work and travel in Europe. On Monday, March 20, he said the channel "112 Ukraine", video of the speech is available on YouTube (c 8 minutes).

    "If today we have retired 1300 UAH [2800 rubles], he goes to renew there is a pension and has 1300, but the Euro. If you put everything on the scales: are a citizen have a job, because a lot of Hungarians went to England, France. Have the right to move freely, to live freely, nobody has a right even to touch," — said Moskal.

    He added that holders of Hungarian citizenship, as a rule, do not live in the region, and work in the EU, but invest the money earned in the Carpathians.

    Article 4 Of The Constitution Of Ukraine prohibited to have dual citizenship. March 13 speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andrei Parubiy said, that Parliament soon will consider a bill providing for the deprivation of the Deputy mandate in the presence of dual citizenship. "As far as I know, the working group had worked out the bill, which will be carefully spelled out the mechanism for deprivation of the mandate]", he said.

    6 Mar specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor's office found citizenship of the UK and Hungary have removed from office the head of the state fiscal service of Ukraine Roman Nasirov.

    In Transcarpathia is home to about 150 thousand ethnic Hungarians, more than 100 thousand inhabitants of the region have Hungarian citizenship.


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