• Moldovan Prime Minister brought in the government a bottle of bootleg whiskey

  • Prime Minister of Moldova Pavel Filip on Wednesday, may 17, brought a bottle of bootleg whiskey Jack Daniel's to the government. About it reports "Interfax".

    Thus the Prime Minister wanted to call my colleagues ' attention to the problem of illegal imports into the country. "For example, the import of alcoholic beverages. I opened the website 999.md and saw that you can buy anything you want without respect for the law. Any alcoholic drinks you can buy at lowest prices, excluding excise duty and taxes. You do not need to be an expert," complained Philip.

    The Prime Minister added that in the morning, instructed to buy online 10 bottles of alcohol, and they were all without excise stamps.

    In addition, he stated that contraband alcohol in Moldova is sold not only online, but in most restaurants and bars. According to him, it is often treated entrepreneurs complained about the fact that economic agents are at a disadvantage.

    "Necessary to restore order and punish the guilty. If this is the fault of the importer, he shall be punished, if the customs officers should be punished", Prime Minister stressed, noting that the country will not develop until, until you learn to work according to the law and to combat the shadow economy.

    Pavel Filip was appointed head of the Moldovan government on 20 January 2016. Before the position of Prime Minister was occupied by Valeriu strelet. The Cabinet of Ministers headed by him was dismissed on 29 October 2015.


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