• Moldova expelled a wine from the list of alcoholic beverages

  • Moldova expelled a wine from the list of alcoholic drinks to support their winemakers. The decision of the Parliament, this product will no longer be limitations on advertising and selling in the night, reports TASS.

    According to the amendments, now in Moldova the wine — "food product" produced by the alcoholic fermentation of grapes and grape must. According to the author of the law Deputy Ivan Balan, the changes are designed to support local wineries, which suffered from a ban on the export of wine to Russia. He is confident that moderate consumption of good wine will bring benefit to the inhabitants of the country, which in recent years prefer the stronger drinks.

    While Moldova for several years headed a rating of the most drinking countries, which is the world health organization. Annually to every adult citizen to 17.4 liters of pure alcohol.

    The ban on import to Russia of Moldavian wines and wine materials were introduced in 2006. At the end of February 2017, the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova said, for a significant part of the winemaking companies of Moldova constraints are lifted.

    However, experts believe that the restoration of trade relations would involve serious difficulties. So, the chief editor of the portal "Alcohol.ru" Mikhail Smirnov in February, commenting on the situation, the National news service (NSN), said that Moldovan wine producers face in Russia with high competition. In particular, they will have to compete with producers from Georgia and the Russian Breweries.

    17 March President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, who was on a visit to Moscow, gave Russian President Vladimir Putin a few boxes of Moldovan wine.


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