• Moldovan Plato got 18 years for the withdrawal from Russia of 20 billion dollars

  • Accused of withdrawal from Russia to offshore companies $ 20 billion Moldovan businessman Veaceslav Platon was sentenced to 18 years in prison. On Thursday, April 20, according to "Interfax".

    The verdict is in Balkanskom district court of Chisinau. It is noted that due to inappropriate behavior and insults of the judges the defendant was absent at previous meetings. On Thursday, he arrived at the sentencing, however, he was not allowed to speak with the last word.

    The Prosecutor demanded the defendant to 23 years in prison.

    Plato was detained in Kiev in July 2016. He was accused of the conclusion in the offshore from Russia through banks in Moldova more than $ 20 billion. In addition, he was charged with theft of more than $ 20 million from the Moldovan Banca de Economii, which went bankrupt in October 2015.

    24 March, the head of Russian Central Bank Nabiullina Elvin said on the elimination of "Moldovan schemes of" laundering money from Russia.

    Two days earlier, the Moldovan General Prosecutor's office told the details of the withdrawal of $ 22 billion from Russia. 16 judges, four judicial officers, four employees of the National Bank of Moldova (including the Deputy head) and nine workers of a commercial Bank was prosecuted.


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