• The Ministry of environment asked for 700 million rubles on Arctic tourism

  • The head of the Ministry of natural resources and ecology Sergey Donskoy suggested to create a scientific and tourist expedition complexes in the Arctic. The implementation of these objectives will require an additional 700 million rubles, reports TASS.

    According to Donskoy, the project will help the development of ecological tourism and conservation of biological diversity. The Ministry hopes that these measures will help increase tourist arrivals to 2 million by 2020.

    The project will develop in two stages. The first involves the creation of scientific and tourist expedition complexes on the island of Hayes Land archipelago Franz-Josef and the Northern island of the Novaya Zemlya archipelago until 2019. In the second phase the construction of the research vessel, as well as the visitor centre in the national Park "Russian Arctic".

    "People, citizens and guests of our country should have the opportunity to visit the protected areas," — said Sergey Donskoy. The meeting also considered the draft "wild nature of Russia: save and see", which runs until 2025. Events will be held in seven protected natural areas, including Altai, the Baikal region and the North Caucasus.

    5 January, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on holding the year of ecology. Its purpose is to draw attention to problems of ecological security of the country.


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