• The Ministry of culture will require 500 million rubles of fines for outstanding restoration

  • The Ministry of culture of Russia put more than 545 million rubles of fines to companies that got the money and pledged to carry out restoration work, but never finished them. On Wednesday, February 8, reports TASS.

    "Within a few months of work of the control Department in the result of the 16 inspections, we have identified tens of millions of rubles already delivered and signed acts facts previously paid, received, but not actually executed works. This so-called hidden backlog. Did the top with plaster smeared — all", — said the head of Department Vladimir Medinsky during a briefing.

    According to the Minister, the part of the companies recognizes the error and compensate for any losses directly to the Federal budget. As for the other cases, the dispute will be resolved in the courts.

    For 2016 had identified more than 100 examples of unfair work performed. An audit carries out control and management, organised on the basis of "Contrastively".

    "The audit turned into a complete reorganization of the restoration and construction sphere", — summed up the Medina.


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