• The Ministry of culture will establish the act on fees from foreign films

  • The Ministry of culture of Russia is considering the introduction of fees to foreign films, said the head of Department Vladimir Medinsky. His words reports Rambler News Service Tuesday, may 30.

    The new rule will apply to foreign films, box office exceeding 200-300 million rubles.

    "If collecting a billion, say, 50 percent took the movie theater, there was 500, from which distributor that will leave yourself, and something will give. Here on with these 500 millions of rubles withheld a certain percentage to the cinema Fund", — explained Medinsky. He noted that the fees has not yet been determined and is under discussion.

    "This is the French principle," added the Minister.

    As stated by the head of the Department of cinematography Vyacheslav Telnov, the position of the additional charge will be included in the bylaws of the upcoming bill of the Ministry of culture.


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