• The Ministry of culture is preparing a lawsuit to "Apple" for "damaging the reputation of Department" statements

  • The Ministry of culture of Russia has denied information concerning the statements of the party "the Apple" in Federal Antimonopoly service. About it reported to "lente.ru" in the office on Tuesday, July 11.

    "The information spread by some mass media about the treatment of the party "Yabloko" in the face about "the facts of legislation violations in procurement several companies and institutions subordinate to the Ministry of culture of Russia" does not correspond to reality and denigrates the reputation of the office", — said in the Ministry of culture.

    The Department stated that "neither the Minister nor his wife had nothing to listed in the query "Apple" firms". "With regard to "friends" of the Minister: he is familiar with half of the country, and almost the entire Moscow. To do on the basis of "discover" insights about a "cartel collusion", at least — is ridiculous," the message reads.

    "Referred to in the statement "tourism" and "Studio of theatrical art" (Sergey Zhenovach) are completely independent budgetary funds. All procurement procedures in the Ministry are conducted in strict accordance with the legislation", — explained in the Ministry.

    It is noted that currently preparing a lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity.

    On Tuesday it became known that the centre of anti-corruption policy of the party "Yabloko" has found signs of cartel in public procurement of the Ministry of culture. "The audit showed that over the past three years the state order on carrying out of festivals received, basically, the structure having a connection with the environment Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky. In sum, the company earned collusion of 106.3 million rubles," — said on website party.


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