• The Ministry of environment of the Crimea found it acceptable sand production at ancient site

  • Sand extraction from chystopillya village of Leninsky district of the Crimea poses no threat to the nearby ancient settlement Artesian. So in the Ministry of environment of the Republic responded to the criticism of scientists complained to the destruction of an ancient settlement because of the design of the sand pit. The statement of the head of the Ministry Alexei Yatsenko leads TASS.

    "Was granted a license GUP Krymgeologiya to conduct geological surveys from chystopillya village of Leninsky district. It was found the Deposit of sand on three artesian areas. All around them, this zone does not fall. It is unclear why the fuss is about" — surprised Yatsenko.

    As the official said, the state Committee of Crimea on preservation of cultural heritage has approved the development of the field. "According to the document, antique the Artezian settlement does not fall under the quarry, and the sand is badly needed for the construction of the route "Tavrida" because not enough of his sand in the Crimea, which would satisfy the construction's requirements," said the Minister.

    The day before it was reported, the Vice-Prime Minister, Minister of internal policy, information and communications of the Republic of Crimea (RK) Dmitry Polonsky urged law enforcement agencies to check the actions of the employees of the Ministry of environment who allowed to hold a rally on the territory tarkhankutskii reserve at the end of April. According to him, with the permission of the office for reserve raced Trucks that are on their way have destroyed endangered plants and animals.

    In early may in the Eastern Crimean historical and cultural Museum-reserve said that the illegal sand mining in Leninsky district destroys archaeological sites of ancient settlement and necropolis of the artesian passed the "Criminals". According to the head of Artesian archaeological expedition, doctor of historical Sciences Nikolay Vinokurov, in the area of career was 20 barrows and 450 square meters of the necropolis from ancient tombs.

    "Currently North-West of the settlement and necropolis of the artesian is a natural predatory illegal mining of sand from illegal pits in the territories of Leninsky district of Kazakhstan. Go Stripping with the deep drilling in the area where there are several burial groups (with embankments of height up to 2 meters), antique road, Hellenistic settlement and subterranean necropolis", said scientists, adding that under heavy wheeled tractor proved to be ancient tombs.


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