• Billionaire David Rockefeller, died at the age of 101 years

  • The American billionaire David Rockefeller, died on 102-m to year of life on Monday, March 20. About this newspaper The New York Times, citing a representative of his family.1.*

    According to him, the Mogul died at his home in Pocantico hills.


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    • 1:43 am on Thursday 23rd March 2017  /  Бизнес
      Tkachev has promised quickly to find a replacement for pressure on Russia duties Turkey

      Introduction Turkey's import duties on Russian selectproduct — an attempt to put pressure on Russia to open the Russian market access to Turkish agrotour. The head of the Ministry Alexander Tkachev called the action unacceptable and assured that the supply agrotourism can be quickly redirected to other countries.

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    • 8:28 pm on Wednesday 22nd March 2017  /  Бизнес
      The FAS offered "M. Video" to confess to cartel collusion

      The head of Department for combating cartels FAS of Russia Andrey Tenishev suggested that "M. Video" to confess to the cartel, if there was a violation of antitrust laws. So the officer reacted to the information that the company does not exclude action against her by the Antimonopoly service.

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    • 7:49 pm on Wednesday 22nd March 2017  /  Бизнес
      Sokolov suggested that the governors to deal with defaulters of the "Plato"

      Regions need to restrict movement on roads of heavy vehicles, whose drivers move down with Federal highways to avoid being charged for the "Plato". The proposal was made by Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov at the government hour in the state Duma.

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    • 7:10 am on Thursday 23rd March 2017  /  Россия
      The survey found most acceptable for Russians form of government

      The majority of citizens of Russia all other forms of government it prefers a Republic. According to the survey conducted by the Russian center for public opinion (VTSIOM), the state system voted 88 percent of respondents. Against the monarchy were made by 68 percent of respondents.

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    • 7:01 am on Thursday 23rd March 2017  /  Наука и техника
      Named a way to predict his own death

      Scientists from Stockholm University (Sweden) found a way through which people can predict his impending death. According to the authors of the study, the harbinger of death is loss of smell. To do this, within 10 years watching 1774 Swedes aged 40-90 years.

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    • 6:45 am on Thursday 23rd March 2017  /  Интернет и СМИ
      Six criminals staged a live broadcast of the rape of a minor

      A group of six men arranged in Facebook the live broadcast of the rape of a minor. Watched 40 people, none of whom reported to the police. In Facebook said that do not allow the placement of such content. Video from Facebook has been removed.

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